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BottleLox is established as the most effective and versatile bottle security tag available in the market, with over 40 million units sold since 2008. We provide this alcohol security solution to some of the biggest retailers in the world - offering them a way to efficiently reduce theft.

Deter thieves and increase revenue
A struggle for every retailer; deterring thieves without turning off customers from buying your products. Alcohol is one of the most targeted retail products for theft and causes millions of dollars of lost revenue across the industry each year. However, some retailers are still sceptical about bottle tags - they're typically tricky to put on and aren't very presentable.

Introducing BottleLox
BottleLox, on the other hand, won't spoil the appearance of your products, is quick and easy to apply (and remove) and it works with or without an EAS system.

It's also affordable and has a proven rapid return on investment, even for independent retailers.

The size of a standard BottleLox is length 3.5 inches x width 1.8 inches x depth 2.6 inches and the standard color is light grey. However, 3 additional sizes are available to address the largest of bottle sizes and are colour coded for quick identification.

Bottle Size
Category: alcohol products

Product Code :

Bottle Size : 750 ml

Fits 750ml and 1 liter spirits and all wines. Made of high strength polycarbonate material and has multiple locking points and safeguards to prevent removal.  AM\RF EAS tag equipped

Inner Pack : 2

Full Case : 72

MOQ : 30

Colour : Grey

Size : Regular


An Innovative bottle cap

Bottlelox has 11 patents, meaning it is rightly described as highly innovative.
Find out abour the patent rights, trademarks and design rights.

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